Man and Machine, Transhumanism!

Centuries ago when Galileo peered up at the stars through a telescope, I wonder if he ever thought to himself, “ Wouldn't it be cool if our eyes had the capability to Zoom in to objects “? Well I can tell you this that if Galileo was alive today he would have that answer!


The word of the day is Transhumanism, What is that ? You ask! Transhumanism is a cultural and international movement with the goals to transform the human condition by the way of developing technologies to enhance the human intellectual, physical and psychological capacity. When we look at todays Technology whether it is microchips, neuroscience or nanotechnology we can see the slow integration with these types of technologies into our daily lives. The question is How much integration will there be between man and technology? We know that mankind has a natural desire to live longer, become stronger and faster, and become smarter, and we will do almost anything to get there. Kinda of scary right? Transhumanism allows us to meditate on these radical possibilities of becoming a sort of superman, however is this type of thinking a waste of time?

As a radical thinker and futurist, I believe this type of research is not a waste of time. Transhumanism and the people that research and study this unorthodox way of thinking will be the people that shape our future, one way or another mankind will integrate technology within there own bodies. The fact is integration between man and machine is already being done, whether its troops coming home from the battle field or a blind person hoping to regain there vision, they all are seeking out a way to integrate technology so that they can walk again or see again.


The one fear that I do have with integrating technology with man is that it opens the door to many negative things. Example, The rich would have an upper hand, because they could afford such technologies to advance themselves, which puts the average/poor people at a serious disadvantage when it comes to performance. It would also open the door to being controlled by hackers or even governments, which is frightening beyond belief. That is why I would second guess integrating technology within my body! However this type of thinking is becoming accepted by millions without thinking of the repercussions and “Side affects”, and that is where we are at now. We have the capability to integrate technology, but we haven't got all the facts about the repercussions. So for now I feel that we should look at alternative ways to enhance our mind and body. And I know just the way!


Chemicals are a powerful and safer way to enhance the body and mind, not many people know this but most chemicals that enhance our mind and body are produced naturally in our bodies. So when one introduces more of those chemicals into the body that person will be able to think faster or have more energy, hence giving them the ability to run longer and lift heavier objects. Epinephrine is a natural hormone and a neurotransmitter which is also known as adrenaline, when people get a surge of adrenaline due to a traumatic experience they become highly alert and an increased level of excitement of the fight or flight response. Adrenaline is a natural superman, although I wouldn't try flying or bursting through brick walls!

Note: I am not a doctor and do not condone the use of hormonal enhancement drugs.


Now that we have taken a look at a natural way of enhancing our strength, let's take a look at enhancing our brain, I am one of those people who would rather be smarter then be stronger. I have done hours of research on safe ways to enhance focus and memory and have come up with nootropics. Nootropics is basically a vitamin for the brain and are widely used by professionals, college students and even athletes. Nootropics manipulate the chemicals in the brain that provide us with better memory recall and retention, better speech and focus as well as a wide range of other advancements. I will actually be doing a series on my YouTube channel in which I will be taking nootropics and testing my brain power and documenting it for all to see, in the hopes that opening the door to a safer way to enhance the mind and body without putting microchips inside our bodies.


- Jason Goyette


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