The Future of Mobile Gaming

The Future of Mobile Gaming

by: Jason Goyette



Whether it's a game cartridge from the good old days of gameboys to today's app downloads, there is one thing in common with both. Money, gameboys were relatively cheap even more so then the games that were played on them. The same can be said for today's games, the difference is games today are pretty easy to get a hold of if you got the cash. Not only are they easy to find but some are actually free, however the same can't be said for the old mobile games. Any older game that you ever got that was free was either in a cereal box or by a family member or friend, today we can download hundreds of free games onto our tablets or even smartphones.


I, being someone who is coming from the gameboy era, I would have never even imagined a cell phone being able to power a full on RPG. In the world of today with advancements in technology, I never count my chickens before they hatch, meaning I will never say “ That's Impossible “ or “ Like that's ever going to happen “. I find that having this approach towards technology in general can be helpful "sometimes", however there is always going to be that one person who doesn't have that idea of infinite possibilities when it comes to technology, or even life in general. I mean take a look back at all the things that you would've though never would have happened, I bet you'll find many of those things have come to pass. So with that being said, I find the future of mobile gaming to be something out of our science fiction programs.



One of my ideas for a future mobile gaming device would be a small square box that could fit into your pocket, when you place this box on the ground and hit the start button the device would scan the surroundings and you, basically identifying your hands, legs etc. and then you would be able to move your hands to operate the navigation and the game itself. In a sense you would be combining virtual reality with your own, no need for a monitor or headset because everything would be projected around you virtually, of course. Even with today's technology this idea could become available within this year , however at the moment gamers are more accustom to operating games with a controller or mouse. So with processing becoming faster and graphics becoming more powerful in the mobile gaming field, what else is possible with today's most advanced technology, I'm sure Google has something on the drawing board or in there back pockets.


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