Verizon To Sell Samsung Galaxy S5 As "2 for 1" Deal

Reports are coming in that the Galaxy S5 from Samsung will debut last on the popular U.S. carrier Verizon in a 2-for-1 deal. This deal specifies that if a customer purchases a Galaxy S5 with a new two-year contract another family, friend, co-worker, pet, etc. could also get a Galaxy S5 for "free". However, there is some specific fine print that consumers must address before jumping on Big Red for their S5's. Firstly, the fine print states that alongside the initial purchase of the S5 with two-year contract agreements, the second S5 also requires a two-year contract. While most may not care about this little detail, this will certainly deter consumers looking for unlocked or contract-free S5's.


One option Verizon is offering costumers is to divide the costs of the two handsets equally, bringing the total cost of each device to $99 respectively rather than the usual $199. What do you guys think of this deal? Is it worth jumping on the Samsung bandwagon for new users or is this not enough to sway you into Samsung's proverbial tennis court? Let us know in the comments below.