Alienware Laptops

Over the last week or so, I've been seeing a lot of advertisements in my threads for the new line of Alienware laptops. I don't know too much about those systems, except that they're marketed as gaming machines. Me only being a very casual gamer (and loosely using the term at that) these machines don't really spark a desire to run out and get one right now. That being said, I choose to reserve judgement since I've never had the opportunity to mess with one before. However, I see a lot of mixed opinions about these machines in various threads, ranging from they're the greatest thing since sliced bread to they're over priced pieces of crap. Now the interesting thing is the people calling them overpriced pieces of garbage are saying that because they claim they can build the same thing, of not better, for a fraction of the price. Which is kinda funny to me because a lot of people make the exact same assertions regarding Macs. And I know Macs very well, I have three of them, and I know what they're capable of. What makes it even more funny to me is if you go to any thread involving, say, automobiles, I'd be willing to bet that you wouldn't see too many people asserting that Volvo or BMW or Audis or Mercedes are "over priced pieces of garbage" because they can allegedly "build the same vehicle, if not one better, at a fraction of the price." My only response to these claims, regardless of who makes them, is prove it. Show us what you can do. Provide links. At the very least pics or it didn't happen. My little message to those types of folks is, to quote Woody Harrelson from Zombie Land "time to nut up or shut up."