Another Secret Squirrel Facebook Project To Be Suspicious Of And Avoid

Another secret squirrel Facebook project to be suspicious of is apparrently in the works.

CNBC reported on Tuesday that Facebook has been working on smart glasses, that are alleged to eventually replace smartphones, or so Facebook may intend, but I'm sure you've heard what the road to hell is paved with.

Facebook has apparently entered into a partnership with Luxottica, which is the parent company to Ray-Ban, presumably in hopes to make frames that people will actually want to wear. (Looking at you this time Google Glass!)

In all fairness, Google Glass also worked with Luxottica to design their frames. So no garauntees anything fashionable will come of this.

“ I got this feelin…somebody’s watchin me”….

I got this feelin…somebody’s watchin me”….

CNBC states that the AR glasses are code named "Orion." They would feature a graphic display users could see out of the corners of their eyes, and wearers could make calls, live stream their positions, and inadvertently give Facebook even more personal information that Facebook can turn around and sell to advertisers....oh wait... I'm supposed to be unbiased here, .... right?

CNBC also reports that this project has been in the works for a few years now at Facebook's Reality Labs in Redmond, Washington.

The glasses are possibly due for release some time between 2023-2025. If they do hit the market, at least we can be hopeful that their a bit more fashionable than Google Glass.

Still, anything with Facebook's label should be regarded with a high degree of suspicion. I'm actually holding out a grain of hope that the general public will one day soon realize what a sham job Facebook is in the first place and abandon it altogether in favor of something a bit more respectful of the end users' privacy. I realize that's a bit lofty, but I can dream.... can't I.