Google Pixel 4 Event; The Where, The When, The How


This is one of my favorite times of year for many reasons. The days may be getting a little shorter, but the weather, at least here in the south, is changing from an almost intolerable 110 degrees to a much nicer 74 degrees. Granted the weather has already gone to hell in many other parts of the country.  And yay! for all the new tech gadgets that get launched this time of year! .

We’ve already seen Apple’s latest iPhone reveal in September. Then came Microsoft launched its new Surface gear at the beginning of October. Now we’ve got the Google’s Pixel 4 launch event to look forward to.

Google’s Pixel 4 launch event is taking place on Tuesday October 15 in New York City. Local time will be 10am ET. Here’s a breakdown by region;

  • 7am for all on America’s West coast

  • 8am in the southern states

  • 3pm in the UK

  • 4pm in Central Europe

  • 7:30pm in New Delhi

  • 1am on October 16 in Sydney

If you are interested in watching the event yourself, you can catch it live on YouTube here. If you’d like a reminder, you can click through onto YouTube itself and have the site remind you when Google’s Pixel 4 launch event is about to start.

The main announcement will be the Pixel 4. Which there have been so many details leaked that there is already a pretty clear idea of what it will be like. The major news is the introduction of a 90Hz display, gesture controls, dual cameras on the rear, and the removal of the notch.

There’s set to be a range of other announcements at Google‘s event. Such as the next generation of the Pixel Buds, and the now leaked Pixelbook Go laptop. One would think Google will also talk about updates to Google Assistant, and shine some light on other software features.

Just as I did with the Apple event and the Surface event, I’ll be watching the event myself as best as I can, and then later tomorrow evening I’ll be doing a live recap on the Braehawk Tech YouTube Channel.

UPDATE; The “Made By Google” Pixel 4 Event will be starting in less than an hour. Feel free to watch the event yourself from right here:

YouTube Is "Officially" Up To It's Shenanigans Again (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Apparently after much backlash from the YouTube Creator Community, YouTube has backed off revoking current verification badges from creators that have already earned them. From my perspective, this is a surprising turn of events, as it’s been rare, if ever at all, that YouTube has shown interest in what its creators have to say. All I can say now is congratulations to the YouTube creators that fought this and managed to get YouTube to listen for once. Good on you all!

Browsing Twitter this morning, for even just a couple seconds, and I learn that, once again, YouTube is up to its old shenanigans of catering to Corporations and, I don’t know, I guess A-List celebrities, especially with this one. Numerous big named YouTube content creators received a mass email this morning from the Google owned video hosting website, explaining that YouTube would be updating its “verification” criteria, and that unfortunately, the recipients were no longer considered an “Official” YouTube channel.

Annotation 2019-09-19 152645.jpg

As of this afternoon, The YouTube Creators Twitter Feed tweeted an update on the policy change, in hopes of clarifying their policy changes, the situation with “verification badges” and what their plans are for the near future;

My first reaction by now should be obvious; time and time again YouTube has shown where it’s priorities lay. They don’t lay with smaller to mid range content creators, despite the fact that if it weren’t for those creators, YouTube would not be what it is. Their priorities lay, of course, where the money is; As I said earlier, corporations and “The A-List”. We as creators, channel size not withstanding, have pretty much two choices. Either suffer through it and work around their policies, or find another platform on which to host our content. Personally what I’d like to see is someone with enough savvy actually construct a rival YouTube platform that would be compelling enough for most of YouTube’s content creators to actually make the move. Many have tried, pretty much all have failed.

Another Secret Squirrel Facebook Project To Be Suspicious Of And Avoid

Another secret squirrel Facebook project to be suspicious of is apparrently in the works.

CNBC reported on Tuesday that Facebook has been working on smart glasses, that are alleged to eventually replace smartphones, or so Facebook may intend, but I'm sure you've heard what the road to hell is paved with.

Facebook has apparently entered into a partnership with Luxottica, which is the parent company to Ray-Ban, presumably in hopes to make frames that people will actually want to wear. (Looking at you this time Google Glass!)

In all fairness, Google Glass also worked with Luxottica to design their frames. So no garauntees anything fashionable will come of this.

“ I got this feelin…somebody’s watchin me”….

I got this feelin…somebody’s watchin me”….

CNBC states that the AR glasses are code named "Orion." They would feature a graphic display users could see out of the corners of their eyes, and wearers could make calls, live stream their positions, and inadvertently give Facebook even more personal information that Facebook can turn around and sell to advertisers....oh wait... I'm supposed to be unbiased here, .... right?

CNBC also reports that this project has been in the works for a few years now at Facebook's Reality Labs in Redmond, Washington.

The glasses are possibly due for release some time between 2023-2025. If they do hit the market, at least we can be hopeful that their a bit more fashionable than Google Glass.

Still, anything with Facebook's label should be regarded with a high degree of suspicion. I'm actually holding out a grain of hope that the general public will one day soon realize what a sham job Facebook is in the first place and abandon it altogether in favor of something a bit more respectful of the end users' privacy. I realize that's a bit lofty, but I can dream.... can't I.

If You Use An Ad Block Extension, You May Want To Read This

There is a PSA Blog on warning the general public about two very popular ad blocker extensions located in the Google Chrome Web Store. Basically the blog warns that the ad block extensions that appear as the top two search results are actually fakes.

Annotation 2019-09-18 080531.jpg

Tom’s Hardware reported on this and stated that “the real purpose of these fake ad blocking extensions is “cookie stuffing,” which is used as an ad fraud scheme. The creators of the fake extensions stuff them with affiliate cookies, so that when the users of the extensions visit a relevant e-commerce site (such as Amazon) and make a purchase, the creators of the fake extensions get paid the affiliate commission for that purchase. 

The two extensions have 1.6 million active users and are stuffing cookies from 300 websites from Alexa Top 10000 most popular websites, AdGuard said, saying it studied the extensions' code. AdGuard believes that these malicious actors are making millions of dollars a month. 

"The two extensions, called AdBlock by AdBlock Inc. and uBlock by Charlie Lee, also mislead users by mimicking names of two real ad blocking extensions, as well as the names of the developers behind those extensions. Users have reported these extensions as fake, but Google has seemingly yet to take action.”

So if you are a Google Chrome user, and you have an ad block extension installed, you should double check your extensions now to make sure what you have installed is not one of these culprits. If you find that you are a victim of this scheme, immediately uninstall and head to the Chrome Web store to help get Google’s attention by reporting these extensions as the fakes that they are.