An Air Pollution plus Wildfire Warning System In One App

Wildfires are starting to get bigger, more dangerous, and more frequent than they have before, and can have lasting negative effects on the air quality. Breezometer is a free app that offers real-time air quality data. Breezometer has announced that it will be offering out fire alerts to help people determine whether or not they're in harm's way, and whether they should evacuate. The fire alerts base their information on data from NASA and other local sources, and paired with the app's built in algorithms, can determine which direction the smoke is traveling and its projected effect on air quality.

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Through the app, users who live between 20 to 60 miles of a wildfire can receive timely updates on its progress. Wildfire pollution was only recently discovered to travel long distances. Last year's California wildfires polluted air more than 100 miles away, which prompted a statewide health emergency. The state's wildfires have gone so far as to spread to the East Coast thanks to cross-country winds. BreezoMeter CEO Ran Korber stated "The current systems for measuring air pollution rely on outdated methods that are not comprehensive, causing unnecessary exposure to harmful pollution".

BreezoMeter also measures several other factors that have an effect on air quality, such as ozone, particle matter, and pollen.

BreezoMeter is available both on iOS and Android, and is also available on its Live Map