Google Play Pass Challenges Apple With its Own $4.99/month Subscription Service

Coming on the heals of the release of Apple Arcade, Google has  revealed their own new subscription service for mobile games.

Google Play Pass is now available to Android users in the United States for $4.99 a month, which, incidentally, is the same price as Apple’s fee for Arcade.  But in comparison, Google is offering the first year of the service for  $1.99 a month for a limited time to new sign-ups, whereas Apple offers the first month of Apple Arcade for free.


One very noticeable thing, though is Google is taking its subscriptions a slight step further than Apple. Even though Google Play Pass has no exclusive titles, it will include apps that aren't mobile games. Popular apps like AccuWeather and FaceTune, which is a selfie-editing app, will also be offered as part of the service. 

Play Pass does include popular games such as Monument Valley and Terraria, as well as titles from other indie publishers. Google says it plans to add new apps to the Play Pass catalog each month. Just as it is with Apple Arcade, apps that are part of Play pass won't have in-app purchases or intrusive advertising. 

With the inclusion of well known non-game services, Google Play Pass could be appealing to more than just gamers. It could also help non-game developers generate revenue from Android apps, which has been a long time struggle for the Android platform.