YouTube Is "Officially" Up To It's Shenanigans Again (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Apparently after much backlash from the YouTube Creator Community, YouTube has backed off revoking current verification badges from creators that have already earned them. From my perspective, this is a surprising turn of events, as it’s been rare, if ever at all, that YouTube has shown interest in what its creators have to say. All I can say now is congratulations to the YouTube creators that fought this and managed to get YouTube to listen for once. Good on you all!

Browsing Twitter this morning, for even just a couple seconds, and I learn that, once again, YouTube is up to its old shenanigans of catering to Corporations and, I don’t know, I guess A-List celebrities, especially with this one. Numerous big named YouTube content creators received a mass email this morning from the Google owned video hosting website, explaining that YouTube would be updating its “verification” criteria, and that unfortunately, the recipients were no longer considered an “Official” YouTube channel.

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As of this afternoon, The YouTube Creators Twitter Feed tweeted an update on the policy change, in hopes of clarifying their policy changes, the situation with “verification badges” and what their plans are for the near future;

My first reaction by now should be obvious; time and time again YouTube has shown where it’s priorities lay. They don’t lay with smaller to mid range content creators, despite the fact that if it weren’t for those creators, YouTube would not be what it is. Their priorities lay, of course, where the money is; As I said earlier, corporations and “The A-List”. We as creators, channel size not withstanding, have pretty much two choices. Either suffer through it and work around their policies, or find another platform on which to host our content. Personally what I’d like to see is someone with enough savvy actually construct a rival YouTube platform that would be compelling enough for most of YouTube’s content creators to actually make the move. Many have tried, pretty much all have failed.